Gardens of the World
Journey through the world’s gardens

Gardens of the World

Immerse yourself in a world tour at the breathtaking Gardens of the World. Explore different continents without ever leaving the city of Berlin. Stroll through lush meadows, vibrant flower beds, and peaceful walking paths spread throughout the expansive park. This is a truly one-of-a-kind and stunning outdoor oasis that every nature lover should visit. Don’t miss the chance to be transported to far-off lands right in the heart of Berlin.

Opening hours

Mon-Tue: 09:00-16:00
Wed: 09:00-18:00

Public transport stations

U5 Kienberg Gärten der Welt(You need to take the cable car over the gardens to reach the entrance. It’s recommended to select this option.)
S7 Mehrower Allee/Marzahn (then continue with bus X69 or 195 to Eisenacher Straße / Gärten der Welt)

More information about Gardens of the World

List of Gardens in Gardens of the World

  • Chinese Garden: This garden is a tranquil oasis that showcases the traditional elements of Chinese garden design, like rock formations, bridges, and peaceful lakes.
  • Japanese Garden: This garden is a peaceful escape that showcases the simplicity and serenity of Japanese gardening techniques. From stone lanterns, to water features, to bamboo groves, this garden truly embodies the essence of Japanese culture.
  • Korean Garden: If you’re looking for a touch of traditional Korean beauty, this garden is a must-see. It features stone pathways, water features, and a charming pavilion that will transport you to the heart of Korea.
  • Balinese Garden: This vibrant garden showcases the tropical beauty and rich culture of Bali. From colorful flowers to traditional offerings, to bamboo structures, this garden is a true celebration of Bali’s unique beauty.
  • Oriental-Islamic Garden: This garden is a peaceful haven that showcases the beauty and serenity of Islamic gardens. From fountains, to geometric patterns, to lush greenery, this garden is a true gem.
  • Christian Garden: This spiritual garden showcases the symbolism of Christian gardening. From biblical plants, to sculptures, to fountains, this garden is a reflection of Christian heritage and culture.
  • Jewish Garden: This cultural garden showcases the heritage of Jewish gardening. From traditional symbols, to water features, to sacred trees, this garden is a celebration of Jewish traditions.
  • The Maze and the Labyrinth: This garden is a fun and interactive experience, featuring a traditional hedge maze and labyrinth that will challenge and delight visitors of all ages.
  • Karl Foerster Perennial Garden: This garden is a true feast for the eyes, showcasing the beauty and versatility of perennials. From a range of flowers, to shrubs, to grasses, this garden is a true botanical gem.
  • Italian Renaissance Garden: This garden is a true work of art, showcasing the ornate and elegant style of Renaissance gardens. From classical sculptures, to fountains, to manicured hedges, this garden is a true masterpiece.
  • English Garden: This garden is a romantic escape that showcases the traditional elements of English garden design. From lawns, to flower beds, to romantic walkways, this garden is a true celebration of English gardening.
  • Water Gardens: This garden is a peaceful retreat that showcases the beauty and tranquility of water gardens. From fountains, to lakes, to water lilies, this garden is a true oasis.
  • International Artisan Gardens: This section of the gardens is a true global celebration of artisan gardens. From Australia, to Brazil, to China, to Chile, to Great Britain, to Lebanon, to Los Angeles, to South Africa, to Thailand, this section showcases the diverse styles and techniques of artisan gardens from around the world.

Tips and recommendations to make the best of Gardens of the World

  • Fuel up: When you’re visiting the Gardens of the World, the last thing you want is to be hungry or thirsty. So, pack yourself a water bottle and a few snacks to keep you going strong all day.
  • Take it slow and enjoy the gardens: These gardens were made for strolling, so why not take your time and really soak in all the beauty around you? Whether you’re admiring the flowers, the trees, or the wildlife, savor every moment.
  • Say cheese! These gardens are absolute picture-perfect, so feel free to snap as many photos as your heart desires. Whether you’re using a camera or your smartphone, make sure you capture all the stunning sights.
  • Respect the environment: The gardens are a delicate ecosystem, so be sure to stay on the designated paths and don’t disturb any of the plants or animals you come across.
  • A change of scenery: Every season brings new wonders to the Gardens of the World, so why not come back and visit at different times of the year? You’ll be blown away by how the gardens change and grow.

Activities and Attractions at Gardens of the World 

The Gardens of the World in Berlin allow you to immerse yourself in nature whiles offering variou activities and attractions. This lovely park is ideal for families, friends, and anybody looking for a day of fun and adventure.

The ropeway that takes you soaring above the gardens is one of the Gardens of the World’s must-see attractions. This beautiful ride will provide you with a bird’s eye view of the entire park, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the gardens from a whole new angle.

The playgrounds of Gardens of the World are packed with intriguing and interactive activities that will keep your children occupied for hours. There’s something for everyone at these playgrounds, whether they’re climbing, swinging, or sliding.

The Nature Bobsled Run is a must-try for thrill seekers. This thrilling ride takes you on a wild and adventurous tour through the gardens, allowing you to view nature in an entirely new light.

Water gardens, which celebrate the beauty of water in all its forms, are one of the Gardens of the World’s most popular attractions. The tranquil waters of the lakes and streams can be seen here, as can the tremendous flow of the waterfalls and the soothing sound of the bubbling fountains.

The Wolkenhain viewpoint, which offers a stunning panoramic view of the entire park, is another famous site in the Gardens of the World. From here, you can appreciate the gardens’ splendor and view the various landscapes, flora, and creatures that make this park unique.